Strange Bedfellows - Library Journal

A drug deal went bad seven years ago, with the big prize, a large metal cylinder stuffed full of South American cocaine, lost at the bottom of the Hudson River in upstate New York. Enter Virgil Cain, who is just enjoying an afternoon of fishing when he reels in the cylinder. Within an hour, an Albany cop has had Virgil's boat towed away with just a flash of his badge. When Virgil tries to get his boat back, things get complicated. The original drug dealers are still around, but a cop has gone rogue and wants to sell the cocaine. VERDICT Country noir doesn't get much better than Smiths second entry for farmer Virgil Cain (Red Means Run). Readers will soak up this snappy new take on a familiar story with competing bad guys and quirky characters. Think Elmore Leonard does the Adirondacks.

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